Wellness Care with Dr. Ley as your Veterinarian

What is 'wellness' and why have a program for it? Also known as a preventive health program, wellness programs are designed to fit the custom features of your animals on your farm or stable. Each program is designed to meet your standard of care and goals blended with consideration for regional / national disease prevalence and the topography and husbandry management in your area. This may include immunization recommendadtions, parasite control (internal as well as external), nutrition, dentistry, and health monitoring for the benefit and well-being of your horses, and your own peace of mind.

While most of the infectious or transmittable diseases we are concerned about preventing in horses are similar by region or country, risk factors are not. One or more horses on your farm or stable may be at low risk of exposure to strangles, they therefore may not need to have an immunization program to address its prevention. Wellness goes beyond disease prevention, it may also include nutritional consultation, feeding programs, stable ventilation, hay, pasture, and water quality, dental care, annual or semi-annual physical examinations, and last but not least, internal and external parasite control (strategic deworming and fecal egg reduction monitoring).

When Dr. Ley was a Professor at the Virginia-Maryland of Regional of Veterinary Medicine he developed the first Equine Wellness Program available for horses and the horse owning public in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Each Wellness Program can be custom designed to meet your specific needs. Call Dr. Ley to set-up a program for you!

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